Children Allowance

“Hear all about it! Front page news: Children Allowance Debate is a Debacle. It’s unbelievable! What could have happened to cause this debate to debacle? Buy your copy before copies run out.”

For those of you who weren’t able to get your hands on a copy of that day’s paper, don’t get upset. I was able to grab one and I’ll share the sweeping news with you in a moment. This is serious. Your attention is needed.

Let’s first define the word “debacle” in the heading “Children Allowance Debate Is A Debacle.” What exactly is a “debacle?” According to the dictionary, a debacle is a “sudden, calamitous downfall, collapse, or failure.”
Oh, my goodness!

The hotly debated topic of children and allowances has collapsed? There has been a sudden, calamitous downfall or failure in this debate? How can this be?

We know that the Children Allowance Debate has been going on for years. Experts, family coaches, and highly successful entrepreneurs have joined with parents to discuss the giving or not giving of allowances. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a tip. What to do is on everyone’s mind.

It was important to me that I personally get involved in this debate. I decided to interview the top 25 “kids and money” experts, family coaches, and highly successful entrepreneurs. I wanted to share with you their personal opinions and tips on whether or not to give your children an allowance.

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But the headline! What happened to cause the Children Allowance Debate to collapse and fail? Could it have been prevented?

It’s enough already! How long are we going to debate the topic of Children Allowance? We’ve talked enough about this matter. It’s time to forge ahead with whatever our own personal views are. We owe it to ourselves as well as to our children to move on.

No matter what our individual decisions are, our children also need to learn how to earn their own money. They need to learn how to get a good handle on creating their own income, managing it, investing it, giving some away and making their money work hard for them.

Forget about the Children Allowance Debate! Do your financial values put your children on a path for financial success? Will your children grow up secure with their money?

Teach your children the differences between needs and wants. Exaggerate money concepts to help your children grasp them better. Your children need to practice with money. No practice with money? No lessons learned. No lessons learned? No skills learned. No skills learned?

Remember, the financial education of children has two sides. Teach them how to handle money and teach them how to create their own solutions when they don’t have enough money.

Let’s get passionate about empowering our children with life skills and money savvy so they will be Clever with their Dough and have the positive self-esteem needed to live happy fulfilling lives as adults.

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)